How To Find Roofers Texas (3 Zillion Questions)

Find Roofers Texas

Things to Ask Before You Hire a Roofer TX

It is tornado season again. I guess in the light of what happened in Garland this last December anytime can be tornado season. You only have about half of your roof left and the only thing left to do is to call a roofing company. How do you Find  Roofer Texas and know you are getting a good roofer? If you think about it most of us know almost nothing about the roofing business or the materials either for that matter.

Where do you start to look for a roofer or find a roofing company?

Find Roofers Texas
Find Roofer Texas

#1) Ask people that you trust that has recently had a roof or part of a roof replaced.

Ask them what it cost them too have a new roof put on. Then adjust for the difference in square feet between your house and theirs. Remember at this time all you are attempting to accomplish is to ensure they feel good about their roofer and the new roofing job that they had done. if they are O.K. with the roofing company and an approximate cost that the roofers charged for the new roof.

#2) Next go to the internet. Maybe nobody you know has had it done recently.

Find Roofers Texas
Find Rooferz Texas

Remember though that the internet is a venue of marketing. Just because they are the first ones you come to in a Google search does not mean that they are the best roofing company. It just means that roofing company has really good marketers. Select 3 or 4 and give them a call. Does the roofing company representative sound interested in your business or do they sound desperate for your business? One is good business sense and common courtesy the other should probably send up a red flag about that roofer.

There is however some great information here about the roofing company:

How do you Find Roofers Texas

  • Do they work in your area (, Dallas, Fort Worth?)
  • How long have they been in business
  • Are they close to your home or all the way across the Metroplex
  • Do they offer free estimates? EVERY ROOFING COMPANY you consider should How do you   Find  Roofers Texas
  • Does the roofer have a licensed and have insurance (check the state licensing board on their license and call their insurance company). A roofer does not have to be licensed in TX but a hairdresser does…Go figure.
  • Look at their reviews on sites like yelp and Google+ but keep in mind people sell good reviews too.

#3) Now, you have a roofing company’s representative coming over face to face. Things you need to ask AND VERIFY are:

  • The roofing company’s license and the insurance (YES AGAIN) Show me a copy with dates…

  • Do they just look at the roof from the ground and give an estimate? This can be an indication that they are really good at their job which is good. Or it can mean that the estimate is padded enough to cover the roofing salesman’s backside at your expense.

  • Require them to give you two itemized lists. #1 Is a what will be done list. How long it will take, when it will start, when it will be done, Do they take off the old shingles or roof over them. How do they clean up the mess?, Does the roofing company clean up the mess, do you have to be there when they do it? Do they have financing and what types of payment do they take. I am sure there is more to get in writing for your particular situation but you will have to think of those.

  • The other list is a list of roofing materials to include itemized prices, what the material is and what level of quality is the roofing material ?

  • Then take all of your listings and learn what UL 2218 impact resistant shingles are and do they make a difference? What is the nomenclature and manufacturer of each piece of material or vents or skylights…Is all of this material contractor grade or somewhat better?

  • Ask for a discount. It does not matter why (over 65, military, military retired, went to A&M it doesn’t matter why just ask even 5 or 10 % will at least buy a nice bottle of wine and dinner somewhere.  Find Roofers Texas

In the end you are the one that will make the decision which roofing company you will use. Now though it will be a well educated, informed and probably save you a little money and buy you some piece of mind as well.